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2 Types of Ads Your Business Should Be Running

If we work together then I’ve more than likely shared my strategy on the two types of Facebook and Instagram ads that I believe business should be running. These are sponsored content and promotional ads.

These two ad types are different and unique in their purpose. For this blog, I’m focusing on creating Facebook/Instagram sponsored content. 

Sponsored content is using an existing post or creating a sponsored content Engagement ad to warm up and expose a targeted audience to your brand. This type of advertising gets eyeballs to your content! 

Promotional advertisements serve targeted audience your promotions. They are focused on making sales, offering loyalty programs, memberships, offering discounts, etc. These Facebook advertising objectives fall under Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. 

#1 Example of sponsored content 

If you are holding a conference in a location where others haven’t heard of you and you need to fill a room. 

If you’ve NEVER run an ad campaign before, filling a room with people that don’t yet know, like, or trust you can be difficult. You’ll be marketing to a cold audience. 

Before running a promotional advertisement for an in-person event, I suggest first warming up your targeted audience.  You can do this by nurturing your target audience with sponsored content. 

Create sponsored content to target your audience for several weeks in the EVENT location prior to the event! 

You can create sponsored content using an existing Facebook and Instagram post!
Or you can create this type of ad in Facebook. 

NOTE: One sponsored content post has the ability, to reach more people and be viewed more times in only a few days vs all your combined organic posts for a year (unless you are a popular influencer).

#2 Example of sponsored content 

This location-based business owner runs a pest control business. The goal is to grow brand awareness by intentionally serving the business’ social media posts with Engagement ads. 

(I chose this type of ad because sometime Brand Awareness ads don’t always bring in the best audience type. Besides that, I want engagement. Test this for yourself!)


5.5 day/ $5 day/ $28 total cost sponsored content ad results

  • 199 Engagements 
  • 128 Instagram LIKES
  • 56 Facebook LIKES
  • 4 Facebook Shares
  • 2 Facebook Saves
  • 10 Facebook Followers
    • Many more invited to LIKE the Page
    • 1,770 Reach (audience reach is determined by targeting size + ad budget. Our ad budget was low which limits the reach.)
    • 2,126 Impressions 

Remember sponsored content ads can be used for any business that creates content and wants people to see it!

They are a great way to

    • Build and grow your brand’s influence and reach
    • Turn a cold audience into a warm audience quickly
    • Serve your content routinely to your ideal audience to start building relationships
    • Grow your email list
    • Get more traffic to your website

These types of ads should use the smallest amount of your marketing budget. Shoot for 5%. 

And remember! You don’t need a large following to grow your business. You need to grow your brand and build real relationships! Another topic for another day

This blog is only a tiny taste of what sponsored content ads can do. If you would like to learn more about a strategy specific to your business, fill out the contact form.