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As Executive Director of the Waltham Tourism Council, I have known and worked with Sharon these past five years. Our partnership and personal relationship have been extremely satisfactory. Sharon’s positive energy, attention to detail and problem-solving abilities make her a great addition to our team here in Waltham. 

I highly recommend Sharon for your social media strategy.

John C. Peacock
Executive Director, Waltham Tourism Council

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Sharon! She is truly an expert! She has taught me so much about making ads for my business, that I feel so so smart when I go into ads manager! She even takes time with me to explain each part of the process and give me ideas on how to advertise my makeup business with the utmost professionalism! Thank you Sharon! I’d be lost without you!!

Carla Balzano
Owner Contour by Carla

Sharon has a very unique way of approaching social media with her clients. Her strategy, tips, and advice are unique to every client. She does not have 1 blueprint for every client. She takes the time to learn as much as she can about the client and their industry. And only then, does she formalize a strategy. Her strategy evolves as the process evolves and she analyzes the data.

This approach is HIGHLY personalized and it is very effective. I will continue to use Sharon for my social media strategy because of this formula. As a business owner, I respect her methods and I respect her wisdom and strategies. But most of all, I respect her dedication to her craft and her clients.

I look forward to implementing more and more of her strategies as together she helps my business get noticed and stand out in this crowded industry I am in.

I would recommend her to any business owner who needs to get noticed on social media.

Dennis Riley
Goals To Results

As a small start-up, we had a very small budget but desperately needed to enhance our social media marketing efforts. Sharon learned about our business, and our clients before making any suggestions, and implemented some really innovative ideas to both attract new customers and to enhance our interactivity with our existing customers, who were not visiting our site as often as we liked.

As a result of her programs (newsletters, twitter, video testimonials, facebook, and Instagram) our sales initially increased 16%, and our page visits and interest in our social media outlets increased dramatically. Our sales are now up trending toward 22%, and our members are visiting and recommending us to their peers.

Sharon put us on a schedule and made us pay attention.

We loved working with her, and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to any small business that needs planning and social media expertise !!!

John Femia
Advanced Educational Training LLC.

I have worked with Sharon for more than ten years while at NFP Health, HSA and AQUAGUARD LLC. Sharon is a truly sincere person with a customer-focused priority that can only be attained by a passion for your trade. She is a true professional that gets results and delivers them on time and within budget, this has won her many friends in the business community and a solid reputation as a go-to business partner. I highly recommend Sharon and I would hire her without reservation for any project.

Stephan K. Ward-Smith, CAI – EBP, LUTCF
Vice President of Business Development at AQUAGUARD LLC