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Where are you located? 

Billerica, MA United States

How do you serve clients?

Strategy, Facebook ads, Social media implementation, coaching and training, consultations 

What is your process for a profitable client strategy?

My process

What social platforms do you help your clients with?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

How long before I start seeing results?

Typically 90 days or sooner. Results highly depend on data collection, our starting point, and decided goals. 

Do you require a contract? 

NO. It’s important to me that we both feel good about this relationship. I do ask for 30 days notice. The majority of my clients have been with me for years. I want to be a part of your team. And I want you to feel the same way. 

Do I create “one and done ads” meaning no long-term contract?

Yes. I will create one time ads for you as needed. Here I will also provide the copy, images, and reporting along with ad implementation. 

How much do ads cost?

This depends on your goal and what action you want a person to take. Do you want to build brand awareness? Have your prospects watch a video? Download a form? Schedule a call? Attend a webinar? Your goals are discussed during a strategy call which in turn, helps determine a realistic ad budget. 

How often do I supply reports?

Monthly if I’m creating and/or implementing your social media on various platforms without ads.

2 – 3 times per week if we are running ads.

How do I measure success? 

Success is when we meet your predetermined goals.

What can I expect once you take me as a client?

  1. Immediately I send you an intake form
  2. We have a strategy call following my receiving and reviewing the intake form
  3. You sign and return appropriate documents and submit a one-month payment
  4. You provide 3rd party login credentials 
  5. You add me to your Facebook business page

What is the best way to reach you?

Email or call 978-376-8234