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Yes, Another Expert

Look around and you will probably find ‘experts’ in your field at every corner. These experts have newsletters, a social media strategy, and they routinely provide videos to their customers and community.

For the purpose of this blog, I define the experts as leaders who carved out their identify by being vocal and active in the online world. They may not truly be the experts; however they offer their opinions and show they have value so they are seen as such.

Is there room for you? Are you hesitating to join the online conversation?

Well, I have news for you; your audience needs and expects to hear your thoughts and opinions. Why? Because this form of marketing is how you make your business known today. This approach is all part of online marketing and this strategy of being the ‘expert’ is expected by both peers and clients.

With millions of people occupying the online space, there is plenty of room for you to join in the conversation. If you don’t participate, you will be missing opportunities.

My point, your online space and geographical area is not too saturated to break into. Remember the traditional business model may have changed, but the foundation of running a great business has not. Since not all businesses provide value, good or bad, clients often end up looking elsewhere.

Here are 4 points to consider as you join the online conversation

  1. Be consistent and show up. Many people are not consistent. You may not be the best at  delivery, but if you continuously show up and provide relevant conversations, you will carve out your own audience.
  2. People are looking for you online
  3. Gain visibility in your industry by sharing valuable content.
  4. If a discussion has already been discussed and it’s relevant for YOUR audience and your presentation is authentic, don’t take the backseat.

Remember, by reaching out of your comfort zone and sharing your knowledge, you will strengthen relationships, increase your online presence, as well as build your brand. Never forget, people follow and buy from people they trust!