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My 4X4 Process consists of four pillars. Each pillar is unique and relies on the other pillars for success!

Pillar 1 Strategy – This is where we start! We make sure your marketing goals and messaging is aligned with your overall business goals. Here are a few (but not all) of the components to building your strategy: audit your social media, research competitors and your ideal audience, create a content strategy, and more.

Pillar 2 Build Connections – This step is GOLD! People buy from people they TRUST. This step is where we focus on nurturing relationships, being consistent, building KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST, and building our database aka email list. All of the steps in this pillar are crucial in building an audience that is ready to buy!

Pillar 3 Advertise – This is where your message is put on steroids. Organic is slow to get attention. Time is money. One paid ad can reach more people vs an entire year of organic messaging. Don’t get me wrong – organic is important and is part of Pillar 2. In this pillar we learn the two types of advertising campaigns that you should be running. And of course, data mining. What data mining is and why you need to be doing it!

Pillar 4 Review Metrics and Adjust – Analytics is your best friend! When you know your data, you’ll know how to pivot and adjust. Here I show you how to track and view the results of your actions. You cannot change or improve upon what isn’t monitored!

Group Coaching Eight Weeks $587

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  • Eight weeks group coaching
  • Each meeting is 90 minutes
  • Each week participants get the recorded meetings to refer back to
  • Weekly worksheets, PDFs, and action plans

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